The new ticketing system is based on contact less cards. Apart from the banking cards, these donít have a magnetic band and the connection with the terminals from the vehicles and the ones from the commercial centers it is done without contact, through proximity. Due to the incorporated micro processor the cards permit the launch of an improved paying offer: at the existing elements there are added pre-pay traveling accounts and the payment according to the distance. Furthermore, some personal data stocked permit a more correct identification of the persons that benefit from facilities of the public transportation, as well as the recover of the account in case of loss or destroying of the card. The uploading through the banking system (POS or e-banking) as well as the utility in other local public services Ė for example for paying the parking, can be developed further.

The actual RATT payment offer will preserve the tickets as payment option of the transportation. These will be validated in the vehicles using the same new terminals that print the date, the hour and the line, being intended for the occasional travelers, the majority not being a resident in Timişoara.

RATT preserved the actual offer for the season tickets and transferred it on the new card. Usually, the season tickets are nominal and have the full price, others have 20% off and others are with 50% off. The juridical ones have only full price. The juridical ones are offered after presenting set of documents that will be scanned and introduced in the data base. The selling online will exclude the wrong or abusive cards. For a better flexibility in using the card, the season ticket for one or two lines can receive the prepay option. In this manner, the card can be used both as season ticket and as ticket for other lines then the ones in the season ticket.

The new ticketing system can be considered, alongside the new management of the vehicles, like the third pillar of the development efforts done for a few years by the City Hall of Timişoara and RATT for improving the quality of the public transportation. The first is done at the level of infrastructure, by rehabilitation of the tram lines. The second is at the level of the rolling material by renewing the busses and trolley busses fleet. The main reason for buying the new automatic ticketing system in Timişoara, as well as everywhere else in the world, it is for improving the management of the public transport company. RATT doesnít want to gain more, since money is no problem. This public systemit is partially sustained by considerable efforts from the local budget. The investments and covering the difference from the real cost of the ride and the one socially accepted are sustained from community money. Under these circumstances, the efficiency of the activity becomes compulsory, and the good effects return to the society. The complete knowing of the exact transportation load, diminishing of theft, commercial procedures perfectly controlled and a more attractive varied payment offer, all these will consolidate the base of a more efficient resources management having the direct effect of improving the quality of the public transportation service.

We must admit that this system comes with some responsabilities for the client. Befor this it was enought to buy a season ticket and to carry it with you, with the new system the client must validate the card for each travel. Also, one shold pay attention not to lose the card, because when a new card is released the client will pay for the plastic material Ė the card and itís personalization. Only when first emitted the cards and the personalizations are free of charge. If the buyer takes care of the card he/she cand have it for 5 years. Shoul it be stolen the client needs to declare it and can recover the money. Once declared stolen or lost the card is put on a black list and canít be used in the system by the new owner.